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Donations to the BSA may be made online or through the mail. No donation is too small. Because Bloom syndrome is so rare and little-known to the general public, raising sufficient funds for scientific research and family-support programs—as with all rare disorders—is extremely challenging.



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General Fund

The General Fund is an all-purpose fund to support the mission and basic operations of the BSA. Donations to the General Fund may be used to support any of several BSA projects, programs, and events. At the discretion of the Board of Directors, the General Fund may also be used to support current Bloom syndrome research or accelerate the growth of the endowment.

The BSA is a volunteer-run organization. Staff members, officers, and members of the Board of Directors receive no financial compensation for their services. The majority of operating funds are used to host and manage the organization’s website via licensed software and services.  For all other operations, overhead is minimal.



Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund for Bloom Syndrome Research was established with the fundamental goal of raising ten million dollars over ten years. By 2026, the endowment will sustain indefinitely, through annual interest income, the levels of research funding needed to find a breakthrough therapy for Bloom syndrome.

Your donation to the Endowment Fund will lead to effective therapies for preventing cancer not only in those with a rare disorder, but in everyone else, too.



Research Fund

The Bloom’s Syndrome Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded in 2004, exists exclusively to raise and grant funds for current Bloom syndrome research. The Foundation’s stated mission is “…to fund research aiming at the development of a therapy for Bloom Syndrome and the prevention of its complications, primarily the significant risk of developing cancers at early ages.” A scientific advisory board is responsible for reviewing and approving the Foundation’s grant proposals.

While the Bloom Syndrome Association has a broader mission than the Bloom’s Syndrome Foundation, their relationship is mutually supportive. To complement the mission of the Foundation, the emphases of the Association’s activities will be on education, advocacy, and building an endowment to ensure long-term funding for Bloom syndrome research.

It is anticipated that any funds received by the Association and designated by the donor for current scientific research would aptly serve the mission of the Bloom’s Syndrome Foundation. However, in estimation of the research that may exist beyond the purview of the Foundation, the Association will also welcome grant proposals from other public charities to advance their purposes in funding Bloom syndrome-related research.

A committee designated by the Board of Directors will review all grant proposals. Over time, the Association may establish its own faculty-based, scientific advisory board to directly fund meritorious proposals for Bloom syndrome research, whether basic, clinical, translational, psychosocial, behavioral, epidemiological or otherwise defined.